Soft Top Cleaning from £145

Cleaning and protection of your soft top roof using Meguiar’s soft top cleaner and protector.
The roof is steam cleaned, followed by applying roof cleaner to remove all dirt. Once the roof is clean, a roof and fabric protector is applied to protect it from rain water and weather elements.

Steam Cleaning

Our sites specialise in steam cleaning of interior and exterior of vehicles. Steam cleaning kills all breathing bacteria and kills all unwelcome smells. So whether you have bought a car and want to make sure it is clean or you are a fleet operator, if your vehicles need steam cleaning please call for more information or to make a booking.

Ambulance Cleaning

We specialise in ambulance cleaning and sanitising and can provide a tailor-made service to suit the vehicle.
We use steam cleaning specialist equipment which kills all living bacteria and leaves the surfaces free from germs and any bacteria.
Please call for further information and prices